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Relative dating - range
Later than:
Earlier than:
Context type
collected unit
cultural layer
mine tip
palisade ditch
post hole
slatted construction
unspecified feature
unspecified feature alebo pit
water reservoir
Context structure
circular enclosure
pile dwelling
rock shelter
unspecified feature
wooden lining of a water reservoir
Sample material
antler, reindeer
bark, pine
black laminae, flowstone
bone, animal
bone, animal, cave bear
bone, aurochs
bone, bear
bone, Bos
bone, Bos primigenius
bone, Bos primigenius f. taurus
bone, brown hare
bone, Canis lupus familiaris
bone, cattle
bone, cattle, adult
bone, cervid, juvenis
bone collagen
bone collagen, human
bone collagen, human, adultus - maturus
bone collagen, human, child
bone collagen, human, child (8-9 years)
bone collagen, human, female, 20 years
bone collagen, human, female, adultus I
bone collagen, human, female juvenis (18-20 years)
bone collagen, human, female, maturus I
bone collagen, human, female, maturus II
bone collagen, human, infans II (11-14 years)
bone collagen, human, juvenis
bone collagen, human, male, 30-40 years
bone collagen, human, male, adultus
bone collagen, human, male, maturus
bone collagen, human, male, maturus I
bone collagen, human, male, maturus II
bone collagen, human, maturus
bone, dog
bone, domestic pig
bone, fish
bone, hedgehog
bone, horse
bone, human
bone, human, 14-16 years
bone, human, adult
bone, human, adultus I (20 years)
bone, human, adultus - maturus
bone, human, child
bone, human, child, 10-11 years
bone, human, child, 10-12 years
bone, human, child, 10-14 years
bone, human, child, 11-12 years
bone, human, child, 14 years
bone, human, child, 2.5-3.5 years
bone, human, child, 3-4 years
bone, human, child, 3-5 years
bone, human, child, 4-5 years
bone, human, child, 9 years
bone, humane, male, maturus II
bone, human, female
bone, human, female, 14-16 years
bone, human, female, 15-17 years
bone, human, female, 16-18 years
bone, human, female, 17-25 years
bone, human, female, 18-20 years
bone, human, female, 18-25 years
bone, human, female, 20-22 years
bone, human, female, 20-25 years
bone, human, female, 20-30 years
bone, human, female, 20 years
bone, human, female, 22-24 years
bone, human, female, 25-30 years
bone, human, female, 25-35 years
bone, human, female, 25 years
bone, human, female, 30-35 years
bone, human, female, 30-40 years
bone, human, female, 30 years
bone, human, female, 35-45 years
bone, human, female, 40-45 years
bone, human, female, 45-55 years
bone, human, female, 50-60 years
bone, human, female, 6-8 years
bone, human, female, adult
bone, human, female, adultus I (20-30 years)
bone, human, female, adultus II (30-40 years)
bone, human, female, infans II
bone, human, female, mature
bone, human, female, maturus I (40-50 years)
bone, human, female, maturus I (40-50 years) / senilis (more than 60 years)
bone, human, female, maturus - senilis
bone, human, female, more than 40 years
bone, human, female, more than 50 years
bone, human, female, young
bone, human, infans III (9 years)
bone, human, juvenile (16-18 years)
bone, human, juvenis (15-20 years)
bone, human, male
bone, human, male, 17-19 years
bone, human, male, 18-20 years
bone, human, male, 20-25 years
bone, human, male, 20-35 years
bone, human, male, 23-30 years
bone, human, male, 23-59 years
bone, human, male, 25-30 years
bone, human, male, 30-35 years
bone, human, male, 30 years
bone, human, male, 31-37 years
bone, human, male, 34-40 years
bone, human, male, 35-40 years
bone, human, male, 35-45 years
bone, human, male, 40-45 years
bone, human, male, 40-46 years
bone, human, male, 40-50 years
bone, human, male, 40-59 years
bone, human, male, 40-60 years
bone, human, male, 40 years
bone, human, male, 44-50 years
bone, human, male, 50-60 years
bone, human, male, adult
bone, human, male, adultus I (20-30 years)
bone, human, male, infans II, 13-15 years
bone, human, male, maturus (40-45 years)
bone, human, male, maturus I (40-50 years)
bone, human, male, maturus II
bone, human, male, more than 40 years
bone, human, mature
bone, human, newborn
bone, large mammal
bone, mammoth
bone, ovicaprid
bone, reindeer
bone, rhino
bone, roe deer
bone, ruminant
bone, Rupicapra rupicapra
bone, sheep
bone, small ruminant
bone, snake
bone, Sus scrofa
bone, Sus scrofa f. domestica
bone, Ursus arctos
bone, Ursus sp.
bone, Ursus spelaeus
bone, wild boar
burned bone
burned bone residue
burned wooden branch, pine
calcaneum, sheep
calcite layers
carbon from the ceramic mass, thick-walled potsherd
carbonized apple
carbonized grain
carbonized grain, Triticum aestive-compactum Schiem.
carbonized grain, Triticum dicoccum Schrenk
carbonized grain, Triticum monococcum L.
carbonized hazelnut shell
carbonized pine cone
carbonized wood
carbonized wood, Fagus silvatica
carbonized wood, Quercus sp.
charcoal, Abies
charcoal, Abies alba
charcoal, Abies cf. alba Mill.
charcoal, Acer sp.
charcoal, Alnus glutinosa/Carpinus
charcoal, ash
charcoal, broad-leaved tree
charcoal, Castanea sativa
charcoal, conifer
charcoal, Conifer
charcoal, Cornus mas
charcoal, Fagus
charcoal, Fraxinus
charcoal, Fraxinus sp.
charcoal, hardwood indet.
charcoal, humus fraction
charcoal, Larix
charcoal, Larix sp.
charcoal, lime
charcoal, Lonicera
charcoal, maple
charcoal, oak
charcoal, Picea
charcoal, Picea abies
charcoal, Picea sp.
charcoal, Pinus
charcoal, Pinus sp. or Coniferidae
charcoal, Pinus sylvestris
charcoal, Pinus sylvestris L
charcoal, Pirus sp.
charcoal, Quercus sp.
charcoal, Ulmus sp.
charred apple
charred bark
charred barley
charred bone
charred bone residue
charred cereal grain
charred grain
charred grain, Bromus sp.
charred grain, C3-plant
charred grain, C4-plant
charred grain, Hordeum vulgare L.
charred grain, Polygonum sp.
charred grain, Triticum dicoccum
charred grain, Triticum dicocum Schrnk.
charred grain, Triticum monococcum
charred grain, Triticum monococum L.
charred organic material
charred pea
charred plant material
charred seed
charred wheat
charred wood
charred wood, Fraxinus excelsior
costa, human
cranial base, human, female
cranial vault, human, female, juvenile
dark earth
diapophysis, sheep, juvenile - young adult
distal phalange, human
extracted humus
femur, cattle
femur, human
femur, human, child
femur, human, female, 40-59 years
femur, human, male, 20-39 years
femur, pig
fibula, human, female, older/mature adult
frontal bone, goat
fulvic acids
grain, Hordeum vulgare L. polystichum
grain, Triticum dicoccum
grass-like plant
horn, cattle
horn core
horn, goat
humerus, bovid
humerus, cattle
humerus, human, female ?, older adult
humerus, large mammal
humerus, mammoth
humerus, sheep
ilium, large mammal
ilium, sheep
inner side of the right orbit, human
ivory, mammoth
jaw bone, pig, 10-12 months old
joint bone, human, child
left femur, human, adult
left femur, human, male, 20-30 years
left femur, human, young
left fibula, human, adult
leg bone, human
long bone, mammoth
long bone, Mammuthus primigenius
long bone, Rangifer tarandus
long bones, horse
mandible, human
mandible, sheep
mandible, Vulpes
mandibula, large mammal
mesial part of a rib, human, child
metacarpus, sheep
metatarsus, cattle, young adult
milk molar, mammoth
mixture of organic and mineral substance
molar lamella, mammoth
mollusk shell
needle, Picea abies
non-organic material
nut shell, hazel nut
organic extract
organic material
organic sediment
organic temper, potsherd
partly charred wood
pelvis, human
phalange, horse
phalanx, equid
phalanx of upper limb, human, female
proximal rib, human
radius, greyhound
radius, human, female
radius, human, male, mature adult
radius, sheep
ramus mandibulae, cattle, adult
rib, cattle
rib, human
rib, human, infans II
rib, ovicaprid
right calcaneus, cattle, adult
root of a molar, mammoth
rotten wood
scapula, horse
scapula, human, male
scapula, ovicaprid
scapula, wild boar
seed, Carex
seed, Rubus idaeus
seed, Sambucus sp.
seed, swiss stone pine
shell, Arianta arbustorum
shell, Cepaea vindobonensis
shell, freshwater mollusc
shell, water snail
sinter layers
skull, bovine
skull, cattle, male, adult
skull, human
skull, human, male, 25-30 years
talus, cattle, adult
thick-walled potsherd
tibia, cattle
tibia, cattle, adult
tibia, human, adolescent
tibia, human, early adult
tibia, human, female
tibia, human, female, mature adult
tibia, human, female, older adult
tibia, human, male
tibia, large herbivore
tibia, ovicaprid
tooth, animal
tooth, Equus caballus
tooth, human
tooth, mammoth
tooth, sheep
tooth, wild boar
tusk, mammoth
twig, Pinus
ulna, horse
ulna, human, adult
ulna, large mammal
vertebra thoracica, cattle
wet wood
wood, Abies
wood, Abies alba
wood, Acer platanoides
wood, Acer pseudoplat.
wooden offcut
wood, Fagus
wood fibre
wood, Larix sp.
wood, oak
wood, Picea
wood, Picea sp.
wood, pine
wood, Pinus sylvestris
wood, Quercus sp.
wood, Quercus sp. / Acer cf. campestre
wood, Quercus sp. / Pinus sylvestris
wrist bone, human

Database last updated: 11. 11. 2014

After 26th June 2013, the users are kindly asked to cite the database as:

Barta P, Demján P, Hladíková, K, Kmeťová P, Piatničková K. 2013. Database of radiocarbon dates measured on archaeological samples from Slovakia, Czechia, and adjacent regions. Archaeological Chronometry in Slovakia, Slovak Research and Development Agency Project No. APVV-0598-10, 2011 -2014, Dept. of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in Bratislava. URL: <>

The database is being developed according to conventions for reporting radiocarbon determinations, as formulated by Millard (2014). Radiocarbon dates have been calibrated according to the formula proposed by Bronk Ramsey (2008) using the IntCal13 calibration curve (Reimer et al. 2013).

Bronk Ramsey, C., 2008. Radiocarbon Dating: Revolutions in Understanding, Archaeometry 50, 249-275. doi:10.1111/j.1475-4754.2008.00394.x

Millard, A. 2014. Conventions for Reporting Radiocarbon Determinations. Radiocarbon, 56, 2, 555-559. doi:10.2458/56.17455

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